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SANYO and Miyako Hybrid Hotel Partner to Provide Hands-on Environmental Education for Local School

Hotel to host classes and tour for 108 Arlington Elementary students to learn about clean energy

Pansonic Kids School Solar Car class demo unit used by SANYO by Panasonic
November 2, 2011
Torrance, CA, November 2, 2011 – SANYO North America Corporation and the Miyako Hybrid Hotel have partnered to provide special learning sessions for 108 fifth grade elementary school students from Arlington Elementary School at the hotel on Friday, November 4, 2011. The educational classes will combine the environmental and clean energy classes offered by SANYO as part of the Panasonic Kids School Eco Learning Program together with a tour of the hotel’s environmental and sustainable business practices, including a solar installation on the roof as part of the tour.

“Our school and students are excited to be part of the hands-on class and tour that SANYO and Miyako Hybrid Hotel are offering,” said Vicki Hath, principal of Arlington Elementary School. “We teach the concepts of sustainability, but to be able to bring our kids to a site that emphasizes it in daily operations will be a treat and a memorable experience for our students.”

The Panasonic Kids School that SANYO will provide is entitled “Energy creation and Energy Storage to Change Our Future”, with the focus on clean energy generation sources, such as solar, and storing energy via rechargeable batteries to offer a positive impact on future environmental issues. The class on November 4 will feature hands-on experiments for the students including a solar model car race and the use of a portable solar charger to recharge batteries, demonstrating the power of the sun.

“Providing students with an opportunity to get out of the classroom and see first-hand how clean energy technologies are playing a role in a environmentally sustainable future is important in helping more people understand the need to switch from limited resources to renewable sources of energy,” said Masami Murata, president of SANYO North America Corporation. He added, “While we are actively aiding schools across the country in educating people about the value of solar and other renewable sources of energy, working with partners like Miyako Hybrid Hotel offer more value as the students learn about the concept and also are able to see the concept in action.”

In addition to the class, the Miyako Hybrid Hotel will introduce some of its environmental and sustainable efforts, such as its energy-efficient lighting and water-saving fixtures. The hotel will also have the students visit the roof to see installed the solar panels as part of the hotel’s commitment to focusing on environmental issues and to demonstrate the benefits of clean electricity generated by the sun.

“At Miyako Hybrid Hotel, we are doing what we can right now to provide a sustainable future for the next generation, by employing clean energy generated by solar panels to power energy-efficient lighting, as well as conserving other resources, such as water,” said Cherie Davis, general manager of the Miyako Hybrid Hotel. “Combining with a company like Panasonic/SANYO to provide a hands-on demonstration of these types of technologies helps students understand that this is not some far-off technology, but that it is available here and now. We look forward to expanding this opportunity to other schools throughout Torrance and the South Bay.”

The Miyako Hybrid Hotel was awarded a LEED Silver Level certification in February 2010 in recognition for its green and environmentally responsible practices.

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About Miyako Hybrid Hotel

The Miyako Hybrid Hotel is an upscale Japanese style boutique hotel in Torrance, California. Designed with both the Western and Eastern clients in mind, it is a hotel for the corporate guest as well as families who enjoy an exciting getaway just a few miles from local shopping and beaches. The hotel offers modern accommodations, business-class amenities, and deluxe hotel features in a modern, welcoming Japanese-inspired atmosphere with a strong emphasis on preserving the environment. The mission of the hotel is to create a luxurious experience that incorporates an eco-conscious philosophy. From sustainable building materials, clean energy from solar panels powering energy-efficient lighting and water saving fixtures, the Miyako Hybrid Hotel is on the cutting edge of luxury lodging with a green purpose and ethos. For further information on the Miyako Hybrid Hotel, please visit

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